FABULOUS Farm Friends

Market friends

Pictures in this week's front page slide show include a few of the many kind, loyal neighbors who faithfully return to the weekly Market for freshly harvested, Moapa grown produce, cottage made goodies and specialty items.  THANK YOU!  We LOVE ♥️ each and every one! 

  • Nurture Families
  • Embrace American Freedom
  • Promote Vibrant Health
  • Using sustainable and regenerative farming practices

Generous doses of love and prayer are offered in behalf of friends, plants, animals, and land.

Spaghetti Squash

Lush vines produce abundance.

Lyndy and Daughter Summer

Nurturing Family with Love and Smiles 

Mother Hen with her brood of chicks

After laying a secret stash of eggs, this Hen faithfully incubated them for 21 days, until hatching.