#LightTheWorld The True Spirit of Christmas

Bethlehem village

We spent a happy day in Santa Clara, Utah, with our daughter Allie, and her children Brandon, Clara and Jett.  Pictured is the simple Bethlehem village and stable, complete with donkey, Mary, Joseph, manger and baby King Jesus, created with homemade salt dough and Farm grass.  This Family focus time of love and togetherness sums up the core of this glorious Holiday.

May you and your family feel God's blessings of love, peace, joy and hope.

Join us as we accept the following invitation from M. Russell Ballard, spoken in October 2020:

"Today I expand my call for prayer to all people from every country around the world. No matter how you pray or to whom you pray, please exercise your faith—whatever your faith may be—and pray for your country and for your national leaders... we stand today at a major crossroads in history, and the nations of the earth are in desperate need of divine inspiration and guidance. This is not about politics or policy. This is about peace and the healing that can come to individual souls as well as to the soul of countries—their cities, towns, and villages—through the Prince of Peace and the source of all healing, the Lord Jesus Christ."

  • Nurture Families
  • Embrace American Freedom
  • Promote Vibrant Health
  • Using sustainable and regenerative farming practices

Generous doses of love and prayer are offered in behalf of friends, plants, animals, and land.

Bryce, our Son, Joshua and Lyndy

The Family that stays together, stays TOGETHER!

Kefir and Kefir Grains

A delicious way to elevate the nutritional benefits of raw Goat Milk is to culture it with Kefir Grains.  

The Book of Mormon