See the Beauty in the Mess

E HH Fall 2020

October 21, 2020

E Hoop House Area.  Currently a major growing place for weeds and morning glory.

Outdoor elements are FREELY provided by God for ALL: Sunlight, moving air, water, soil, insects, earthworms, birds, warmth, cold, seeds.  If I don't choose which plants to cultivate, and which weeds to remove, by default, the weeds will take that space.

In the Spring, onions, carrots and beets were planted and growing.  To keep the remaining area covered, and because the water lines were already in place, I purposefully planted many other useful crops.  Over time, the area became entangled with weeds.  We repeatedly attempted to keep the weeds under control, feeding the greens to the pigs and chickens.

BOUNTEOUS Onion crop is harvested in June.

Carrots and beets continue growing throughout summer, carrots lasted into October!  It helped their microclimate that other "lush greens" kept them and surrounding soil cool through the intense summer heat.

A beautiful, colorful, abundant sunflower crop arrived!  I cut each stalk and dried the heads for chicken feed.  By late summer the weeds were out of control.  Yet, the field corn grew 7-8 feet tall! Pumpkins showed up, Swiss Chard was used, and watermelons kept sneaking in,  attracting coyotes.

Late October.  For the last few weeks, Bryce and I spend consistent time, literally "chopping" the entanglement of weeds down, filling the wheelbarrow, and feeding the pigs and chickens a lovely green salad.  But it's hard, messy work.

To simply look at that garden, it appears that the weeds are winning, overtaking, strangling the good plants.

To "see" the Beauty in the Mess, is to acknowledge the blessings that are pouring forth through this garden.  The beauty of spending time grounding with Mother Earth.  The beauty of working outside in the  peace and quiet, sunshine, and fresh air. The beauty of harvesting successful plants. The beauty of green garden animal feed.  SO MUCH BEAUTY is seen by those with 2020 vision.

God provides this Earth and human experience for His children.  Opposition and Agency, Light and Truth are FREELY provided for all.

To acknowledge Heavenly Father's message to me through this "messy weeds" experience is that I am like the garden.  My life as a child of God, with a Divine nature and eternal destiny IS  "growing" me with BEAUTY-full, useful Christlike attributes.  The weeds of the world seem to overtake me, strangle me with sin, mistakes and mortal weakness.  Along with the choking current worldly situation, of a global pandemic, mask wearing, social distancing, government corruption and media bias, political conflict, civil unrest and violence, natural disasters.   

To simply look at my life, it appears the evil "weeds" are winning.  My life seems a "mess."

But to "see" the Beauty in the Mess, is to acknowledge the CONSTANT tender mercy blessings of deliverance that are pouring forth through my overcoming the challenges with faith in Jesus Christ, repenting daily, relying on the Savior's Atonement to cleanse, heal and strengthen me.  I LOVE Him as my Gardener!  He lovingly  roots out the bad.

I SEE and recognize:

The beauty of The Godhead, with God our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and personal revelation.

The beauty of my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The beauty of God's Plan of Salvation and Happiness for ALL people.

The beauty of priesthood power, ordinances and covenants.

The beauty of The Book of Mormon, The Holy Bible and Latter-day Scripture, guiding me day by day.

The beauty of God's living Prophet and Apostles, speaking His  word and truth for all people today.  President Russell M. Nelson, his counselors, President Dallin Oaks, and President Henry Eyring.

The beauty of endowment, marriage and sealing to Bryce in the Salt Lake City Temple, June 21, 1976. And we're still happily ever aftering!

The beauty of 9 children that joined our forever family, along with spouses-in-law, and grandchildren.   

The beauty of being born and living in America.   

The beauty of a vibrantly healthy body.            

The beauty of serving a Farm mission, with my best friend and husband, Bryce.

The beauty of healing/forgiveness to become a lover of my whole self, spiritually,  emotionally, intellectually, sexually, economically, and physically.

The beauty of letting the imperfect relationships/experiences other people have with me to "be for [our] good" allowing the  Atonement of Jesus Christ to take effect.     

With 2020 Vision I see who I really am:  Beloved.  Becoming.  BEAUTY!        



  • Nurture Families
  • Embrace American Freedom
  • Promote Vibrant Health
  • Using sustainable and regenerative farming practices

Generous doses of love and prayer are offered in behalf of friends, plants, animals, and land.

Bryce, our Son, Joshua and Lyndy

The Family that stays together, stays TOGETHER!

Kefir and Kefir Grains

A delicious way to elevate the nutritional benefits of raw Goat Milk is to culture it with Kefir Grains.  

The Book of Mormon