Study this life cycle chart.  It is similar to the process of God’s Creation.  
Did you ever read Virgil’s Poem about Georgics, where he warned his fellow Roman countrymen about the encroaching “free bread and circuses” mentality that was blinding their eyes to what was going on in their lifestyle and economy? 
People wanted an “easy” life of not working hard.  They moved away from their life-nurturing Farms into the cities.  Let someone else do the “dirt-y” work!   They moved their thinking into depending on someone else to provide for them. 
Do you recognize a repeating cycle occurring in our day?  How long would you and your family survive if you could not go to the grocery store for food?  What would it take to convert your thinking and what work would it take to convert a small portion of your backyard into a food producing garden?


  • Nurture Families
  • Embrace American Freedom
  • Promote Vibrant Health
  • Using sustainable and regenerative farming practices

Generous doses of love and prayer are offered in behalf of friends, plants, animals, and land.

Bryce, our Son, Joshua and Lyndy

The Family that stays together, stays TOGETHER!

"Sweet Meat" Boys

 Born in Overton, Nevada.  At 6 weeks of age, they are transported and lovingly raised in a generously large yard on the Farm.   

The Book of Mormon