Fellow Vendor Friends

Check out the above Slideshow to meet the Artisan-Vendors, offering handmade jewelry, herbal formulas, and baked goods, to honey, sauces, and fresh-picked produce, that contribute to the current Market.  Our joint aim is to provide you and your family delicious, nutritious foods for YOUR well-being and enjoyable healthy dining.  Experience a friendly, grounded shopping atmosphere with us and with one another.  

Rejoice in God's Garden Grocery Store!


     Despite the crazy chaos seeking to thwart us, Nature continues to burst forth ABUNDANTLY!   Chickens lay their Eggs, Goats produce nutrient-rich Milk, Pigs keep growing and the lush, cool-season Crops obediently become food for us, when synergistically combined with Sunlight, Water, Soil, and fresh country Air.

FABULOUS Farm Friends

Market friends

Pictures in this week's front page slide show include a few of the many kind, loyal neighbors who faithfully return to the weekly Market for freshly harvested, Moapa grown produce, cottage made goodies and specialty items.  THANK YOU!  We LOVE ♥️ each and every one! 

July Tomatoes 🍅 in January? A Farm Story in Two Parts

Tomatoes Canned and transplant

Notice God’s Wisdom is a continual gift of Divine Reset season upon season upon season.  
Part 1-YES!  Safely preserved in a glass canning jar, July 2020, when the mother plants were 6-7 feet tall outside in the nurturing summer heat, these Tomatoes were used yesterday, January 13, in a delicious Italian sauce for our dinner, along with

TOGETHER in 2021!

Josh doing a broiler

Enjoy the delicious "fruits" of the Farm: Broiler Chickens!  We gratefully acknowledge the Gifts of Providence and the efforts of our son, Josh, and daughters, Nicole, Corrie, Allie and husband Jesse, along with their children, who contributed love and service to process these meat birds in a reverent, circle of life experience.

Beginning 2021, "Thank you" for your continued support!  We're happy to be celebrating another year, thanks to you!  We're here for you, with you and because of you. 

#LightTheWorld The True Spirit of Christmas

Bethlehem village

We spent a happy day in Santa Clara, Utah, with our daughter Allie, and her children Brandon, Clara and Jett.  Pictured is the simple Bethlehem village and stable, complete with donkey, Mary, Joseph, manger and baby King Jesus, created with homemade salt dough and Farm grass.  This Family focus time of love and togetherness sums up the core of this glorious Holiday.

May you and your family feel God's blessings of love, peace, joy and hope.

Join us as we accept the following invitation from M. Russell Ballard, spoken in October 2020:


Thanksgiving kite flying

     Happy Thanksgiving!  Four of our 9 children and 6 grandchildren joined us at the Farm for a traditional turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy feast.  We basked in our together gathering while visiting in joy and love!  To enjoy the sunny, windy afternoon, we set kites to flying!  Games were played and laughed through. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream topped off our day.  

God's tenderest mercies attended us with blessings of Family, Health and American freedom.

See the Beauty in the Mess

E HH Fall 2020

October 21, 2020

E Hoop House Area.  Currently a major growing place for weeds and morning glory.

Outdoor elements are FREELY provided by God for ALL: Sunlight, moving air, water, soil, insects, earthworms, birds, warmth, cold, seeds.  If I don't choose which plants to cultivate, and which weeds to remove, by default, the weeds will take that space.

  • Nurture Families
  • Embrace American Freedom
  • Promote Vibrant Health
  • Using sustainable and regenerative farming practices

Generous doses of love and prayer are offered in behalf of friends, plants, animals, and land.

Bryce, our Son, Joshua and Lyndy

The Family that stays together, stays TOGETHER!

"Sweet Meat" Boys

 Born in Overton, Nevada.  At 6 weeks of age, they are transported and lovingly raised in a generously large yard on the Farm.   

The Book of Mormon